Top Five Reasons to Put a Pinball Machine in Your Family Restaurant

Posted on: 21 December 2016

If you own a family restaurant, you may want to consider putting some arcades games in your facility. In particular, you may want to consider a pinball game. Here are the top five reasons why:

1. Pinball Popularity 

In recent years, pinball has had a resurgence. No one can exactly explain the regained popularity of this classic game, but a number of factors may be at play. Nostalgia is a key reason, and that makes these games perfect for a family restaurant, as parents or grandparents can show their kids what gaming was like in the 'old days'.

2. Novelty

In spite of increased popularity, pinball machines are still a relatively niche item, and by putting one in your restaurant, you may draw in diners who wouldn't normally come to your establishment. This could include people who love retro gaming that predates even pixels. It may also include people who used to be pinball fanatics and are curious about testing their latent skills. Finally, collectors or pinball enthusiasts may also be lured in by a pinball machine. This can be especially true if you invest in a collector's machine rather than a newly manufactured one.

3. Amusement

At family restaurants, you can improve the dining experience for parents by offering something for their kids to do. A pinball machine can be a great option. It gives the kids something to do or watch, and that allows their parents to finish their meals in peace. Additionally, the longer you can keep kids occupied, the more likely their parents are to order an extra drink, a dessert or other items that drive up the price of their bill and ultimately your revenue.

4. Theme

In other cases, a pinball machine can work as a complement to your overarching theme. If you have lots of arcade games, a pinball machines adds to that vibe. If you have a musical theater theme, a pinball machine represents The Who's classic rock musical, Pinball Wizard. If you have a mid-century theme, a pinball machine along with a jukebox emphasizes that theme.

5. Money

Finally, in some cases, a pinball machine can even help you generate a bit of revenue. Customers have to pay to use the machine, and over time, those coins can add up. However, the potential profit can vary drastically depending on the original price of the machine and how many people end up playing.